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Dubai Transit Visa is a visa usually applied when you are reaching out to a third-place via Dubai. Thus before taking the next flight, it's so unjust to ignore Dubai and get bored in the Dubai international airport premises! Get a Dubai Transit Visa and hit the Dubai tourist spots and shopping centres in whatever limited time you might have!


  • Dubai Transit visa
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  • Why apply through Dubai Transit E Visa website?
  • What documents are required while entering Dubai?
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Dubai Transit visa

An official document which permits you the entry in the premises of Dubai without any objection is known as a Visa.

Dubai Transit Visa is a type of visa which is issued in case of connecting flights. If you have a confirmed ticket of other flight to your final country but need to wait at the airport until then, it gets all boring. Thus a Dubai transit visa is issued to get a chance to visit Dubai's at least a few fascinating spots within the given time limit. It's so obvious to get out of the airport, but you cannot do the same if you don’t have a Transit visa. Thus it is necessary to Apply Dubai Transit Visa beforehand.

How to apply Dubai Transit visa?

You can apply for the transit visa normally in two ways.

  • Online via Dubai Transit E Visa website

If you are wishing to apply online, you just have to follow simple steps and you get the visa process initiated.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Visit Dubai Transit E Visa
  2. Select the current country you are staying in and your citizenship (strictly as mentioned on your passport)
  3. Your screen will be displayed with the rates accordingly, if you agree with the rates, proceed further.
  4. Fill in the application form and make sure you enter the accurate details with zero errors.
  5. Upload the documents, they should not be a blur and should be thoroughly scanned.
  6. Make the payments online either via credit/debit cards or by PayPal
  7. You will be notified with the status of your visa on your registered mail from time to time.
  8. Once the process succeeds, you will get the soft copy of your original Transit visa over the registered mail itself.
  9. Get the printouts on A-4 Sized papers and get going with the packing of your bags! Time to travel!
  • Offline by visiting the nearby embassies.

You can apply for the visa procedures offline by giving a visit to your nearby embassies which can grant you the visa. Just it will be more of hardships and delays than the online mode. It also involves lot of documentation work.

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Why apply through Dubai Transit E Visa website?

Why should you Apply Dubai Transit visa through Dubai Transit E Visa website? Yes, this is a genuine question. Let me ensure you with the real things that will enable you 10 times better service via this website than any other website or even any offline procedure!

  • If you apply offline,
  • The risk of getting errors increases, of course, delays will take place as well.
  • Some countries have online visa procedures only.
  • It’s a time-consuming process, the embassies nearby can cause you a troublesome experience.
  • You can miss one or the other documents while exchanging the same. It may lead to further issues.
  • If you apply online via (,
  • The respective rates and charges are completely affordable
  • It involves 100% transparency
  • It is absolutely trustworthy
  • You just have to follow some simple steps
  • No hardships
  • No delays
  • Processing time strictly mentioned on the website, no changes would occur in the same.
  • You will get the notifications time and again
  • Last but not least, it has provided a visa to more than 100k customers. Thus they are experienced and very fluent in their job.

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What documents are required while entering Dubai?

The documents while entering Dubai are as follows:

  • A stamped and verified Dubai Visa (visa type varies according to the reason of your visit).
  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity hence.
  • Passport-sized photographs (if asked)
  • Medical reports of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test with a "COVID-19 negative" results
  • The test should be taken within the 96 hours of the display of your reports
  • The medical reports should be official and no SMS/pdf/other soft copies are accepted. An original certificate required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a transit visa at Dubai International Airport?

If you are planning on exiting the Dubai international airport then it is obvious that you cannot enter the Dubai territory without a Dubai Transit Visa. But as long as you decide to stay confined to the airport premises waiting for your next flight, you won't require a visa.

  • Is it possible to get a transit visa to Dubai without hotel accommodation?

Yes, it is possible to get a transit visa to Dubai without any hotel booking but make sure you have a booked and confirmed return ticket. If the time period for the next flight you are about to hoard is more than you might require a hotel, thus make the bookings accordingly.

  • I have a connecting flight via Dubai; do I need a transit visa in order to clear my baggage?

You won't require a transit visa on Dubai airport if you are not leaving the Dubai airport but if you are, make sure you have a Dubai Transit visa or else you might have to apply for a Transit visa on Arrival. But the chances to get a visa on arrival are least and depend on your citizenship.

  • Do I need a transit visa at Dubai flying to Mauritius?

No, you won't require a Transit visa if you are flying to Mauritius via Dubai. Make sure that you stay within the airport until your next flight or else strict actions might be taken by the Government of Dubai.

  • Can an Indian get a free Dubai transit visa?

No, you will have to pay for the visa as well as for the processing charges when you apply for the Dubai Transit Visa. There is no policy favouring free Dubai Transit Visa.

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