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Visiting Dubai in case of connecting flights but not stepping out of the Airport is such a mournful experience! No matter what, wandering in Dubai at least for some hours should be so obvious, just get the Dubai Transit Visa and literally immerse yourself in Dubai by having some fun time in between your planned journey! Want to Apply Dubai Transit visa? Here's all you might need to know.


  1. What is Dubai Transit Visa?
  2. Documents required for Dubai transit Visa
  3. How to get a Dubai transit visa?
  4. Travelling to Dubai in Covid-19 situation (documents required)
  5. Medical documents required for hoarding flights
  6. FAQ's

What is Dubai Transit Visa?

A document which grants you access in any foreign territory is called a Transit visa. Thus, Dubai Transit Visa is an official document granting you the entry in Dubai territory. A transit visa is of usually two types.

  • 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa: 48 hours Dubai Transit Visa Allows you to enter the premises of Dubai until the next flight for near about 48 hours. Valid for 14 days respectively.
  • 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa: This 96 hours Dubai Transit Visa allows you to enter the premises of Dubai until the next flight for near about 96 hours. Valid for 14 days respectively

Documents required for Dubai Transit Visa

Before initiating the process for applying to the transit visa, you need to take care of all the Document Required for Dubai Transit Visa and other required things. Lack of any one of it or missing documents may lead to the halting of your visa process.

The documents required are as follows and also take care of the details:

  • Scanned copy of your passport's "BIO Page"
  • Passport-sized photographs of the individual requiring a transit visa
  • Get the hotel/relatives/staying facilities or booking details.
  • A necessary flight ticket booked to your final destination; whichever it might be.
  • Your passport must have a validity of at least six months hence.
  • Passport of the individual must have at least four blank pages.
  • Make sure you have a confirmed ticket booked to the third destination you are wishing to reach.

How to get a Dubai transit visa?

In the era revolutionizing every basic necessity regarding the technical field, it's really easy to apply for the visa via Dubai Transit E Visa.

You just have to follow certain simple steps, make the payments and there, you get the visa without any delays.

The Steps to apply for Dubai Transit Visa are as follows:

  1. Visit Dubai Transit E Visa.
  2. Enter the country you are living in, enter your citizenship as mentioned on your "passport"
  3. As you proceed, the rates will be declared accordingly, if you agree with them, proceed further
  4. Fill in the details in the provided application form, make sure you make no errors
  5. Upload the required documents
  6. Make the necessary payments (using PayPal/credit/debit cards)
  7. You will be notified the status of your visa application procedure via your registered mail
  8. Once the visa application procedure is completed and sanctioned, you will get the soft copy of your visa via the registered mail itself.
  9. Get the printouts on A-4 size papers and pack your bags to travel!

Travelling to Dubai in Covid-19 situation

You need to provide various documents regarding your medical fitness before you hoard a flight for Dubai and also on the Dubai airport.

Since the ongoing pandemic has seized a large number of travel opportunities, its good news for the travellers and the tourists that the Dubai government is re-opening and easing down the lockdown. But the same is carried out with few valid medical documents as per the government rules.

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Medical documents required for hoarding flights

  • Take a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test for checking the COVID-19 situation.
  • Get the reports.
  • The medical report of PCR should have mentioned strict Covid-19 Negative results. Then and only then you will be further accessed on the airports, in-flight and also at the Dubai airport.
  • The test should necessarily be taken a maximum 96 hours before departure, which means, 4 days before boarding the flight.
  • The reports should strictly be of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test itself! No other test e.g. antibody tests, home kits etc. are not at all acceptable.
  • Get an officially printed PCR test certificate; no other photos/pdf file/SMS/etc. will be accepted in any case.
  • Travellers ending up in Dubai should fill the Health Declaration Form hand it to the staff at check-in.
  • Fill in the quarantine undertaking form as well which will be provided at the airport. (for the ones planning to stay in Dubai)

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Important instructions

If you are detected COVID-19 positive patient, try and get quarantined. Give yourself the necessary rest and treatment. Try treatment from home procedures. Travelling in such conditions can worsen the situation for you as well as the other people nearby. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay hydrated.


  • Do Indian citizens need a transit visa in Dubai?

Indians are of course needful of a visa before they enter Dubai. This is generally because India does not belong to the visa-exempt countries mentioned according to the government of Dubai.

  • How much is Dubai transit visa fees?

The Dubai transit visa fees necessarily depend on two things, they are as follows:

  1. The country you are staying in right now
  2. Your citizenship as per mentioned on your passport

The rates will be decided accordingly. It changes country to country.

  • Can you get a transit visa at the airport?

Yes, you can get a transit visa on arrival but the chances are less. This is genuine because it has a lot of restrictions and norms and it also depends upon your citizenship. If you belong to visa exempt countries, you will be granted the access but if you belong to one of the visa non-exempt countries, you will be objected.

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