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can you extend a dubai transit visa

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The United Arab Emirates (Dubai) is a country and a conglomeration of seven regions called emirates. It is a very prosperous country with many oil fields, business relations, great infrastructure, and thriving tourism.

These countries are very attractive to people all over the world. They have been successful and developed economically.

Some people who take a connecting flight in Dubai can attain a transit visa. There are people who like to transit or stopover in this country to explore a part of it.

Types of a transit visa for Dubai

The general time for processing the transit visas are five days to a week. These transit visas are available for the people having a connecting flight in the country and they are of a single entry only. These visas should be sponsored by airlines that are based in the United Arab Emirates.It gets processed and accepted before the individual even gets into the country.

Can one extend a Dubai transit visa?

No, one cannot extend a Dubai transit visa. Both of the types of Dubai transit visa are not extended by the government. The government does not renew or extend these visas. These transit visas can be used for fourteen days after they receive it.

Prerequisites for attaining the transit visa

  • The people of the nations that are not given a visa on arrival or can enter without any visa, have to apply for the transit visas.
  • An individual must book the flight tickets of both the connecting flights through Dubai based airlines only.
  • If one is going to the country through a tourist agency, then it can also sponsor for a transit visa.
  • The individual's passport has to be valid for at least six months.
  • The passport of the applicant should have four empty pages in it.
  • The bio page should have a scanned copy.
  • A photograph with a white background.
  • A plane ticket to the next destination or the connecting flight.
  • Transiting in the country with a child under eighteen years of age a birth certificate should be provided.
  • Note: A fee of AED (United Arab Emirates Dirhams) 30, as a fee for departure from the airport of the country.

Cost of the transit visas

The government gives a transit visa of two-days or 48 hours without any charge. This is a great move to improve tourism as seventy per cent of the passengers in Dubai airports are transit passengers only. A 96 hour or a four-day transit visa is given for a cost of AED 50.  

One can Apply Dubai transit visa through Dubai Transit E Visa. It helps in giving visas for the people in very little time.

Why did I choose this website?

As the visa can be easily imitated fake copies are generated easily. Hence, it is ideal to choose this website. One’s visa will not get rejected after applying through this website.

A real visa is given on this website and many people have great trust in this website.

Recently in June, Sheik Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum stated that the country is open for all the transit passengers after the lockdown.

Frequently asked queries about Dubai transit visa

Question: Does a person get a visa on arrival in Dubai for transit?

Answer: One can avail transit visa on arrival. The person has to book for it in advance and they will have a stamp after he or she arrives.

Question: Does everyone having a connecting flight in the country airports need a transit visa?

Answer: If the people only have to stay for just a few hours and only at the airport, and will not leave the country, they do not need a visa.

Question: What are the Dubai transit situations in this COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: Recently, many individuals prefer to transit in the Dubai countries only for twenty-four hours or if he or she has a connecting aeroplane in six hours.

Question: Should I take medical tests for transit in Dubai?

Answer: In the usual times, there is no need for any specific health checkup. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have to take a PCR test and submit the results.

Question: Can we purchase things while on transit in Dubai?

Answer: One can purchase things in duty-free shops at the airport. Weight is not charged for in such cases.

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