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what places can you cover with a one day transit visa in dubai

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Dubai is an amazing city with a very high business and trading opportunities. It is one of the most extravagant countries in the world. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is affluent and a developed country with richness in trade and has made it accumulated so much wealth. This Emirati of the UAE is renowned for its opulence and enchanting architecture.

Why can I choose Dubai for transit?

  • Many people stopover here: This city has the busiest international aerodrome.
  • Top ranking air station: This has garnered a lot of attention from international travel lovers. The twenty-fourth rank in the world.
  • Great connectivity: It is accessible from every part of the world. Hence, it is the main transit location for many people who wish to go to any location.
  • Creative events: The DXB air station launches many events to entertain the commuters like a live DJ session, free internet, and hospitable airport staff.
  • The free two-day transit visa: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) empowers the transit passengers by giving them a forty-eight-hour transit visa for zero cost! As there are more than seventy-four per cent of the people entering the air station are transit commuters only, this policy will encourage tourism.
  • No worry about internet facility: One can be free of anxiety about not having internet connectivity during the transit tour or in the DXB airport. The best ranking Sim company offers free Sim after arriving. It will take care of all the internet needs.
  • Safety: It is a safe place to stopover in. The crime rate is very less and the area is high insecurity.
  • Many attractive spots in the vicinity: There are many stunning places very close to the DXB airfield.
  • Who would not like to experience the welcoming of a multicultural city with a mix of culture and modernity?

Navigate to Dubai Transit E Visa and apply for starting the Dubai Transit Visa process swiftly. It is a supreme website that specializes in helping people get an authentic visa.

One will have to follow only three steps for having a confirmed visa. There are two types of visas for transit passengers. They are: 48 Hours Dubai Transit Visa and 96 Hours Dubai Transit Visa

Everyone must apply for this and attain an e-visa before reaching the immigration centre of the Emirati. A copy of the e-visa is required to carry in during the stopover.

This is given an exemption only if a person is of visa-free country list. In this condition of a pandemic, it has made a few countries like India visa-free. 

What places can you cover with a one-day transit visa in Dubai?

There are many sightseeing places to visit in this city of architectural spectacles. One might think that one day is not enough to visit every place and enjoy the tradition and modernity.

Let us have a look at all the amazing places to go and visit. 

  • Dubai Desert: The desert is the best way to enjoy the traditional Arabian desert and make the transit memorable. It offers many activities like dune bashing, a desert safari, belly dances of Arabia, and authentic Emirati food. It takes only three hours to reach this spot from the aerodrome. 
  • Burj Khalifa: Who would like to miss this amazing wonder of the architecture! It is worth a visit to this spot as it takes only fifteen minutes. One can go to the top of the building or watch it from the ground.
  • The Dubai fountain: It is near the Burj Khalifa in downtown Dubai. Stare in wonder while the water dances to the music from the top of the tallest building in the world or a restaurant or even from a distance on the road. One can even book tickets to go close to it, as it is only fifteen minutes from the air station.
  • The Dubai Mall: This is another attraction in the downtown area of the city. It is just fifteen to thirty minutes away from the airport. Many people love to shop here as there are several outlets and branded shops. 
  • Hatta village: It is also called a heritage village and is only an hour or seventy-five minutes away from DXB airport.  If one is a cultural enthusiast, this will be the best way to explore and learn about the village life of Dubai, before it was modernized. Several sleepover options are unique and it is packed with adventures.
  • Gold and spice souks: These are the places that people love to do window shopping. Spices and gold are accessible for lower costs. It will tantalize one’s visual and olfactory senses. These are close to the airport as well!
  • Creek and Dhow boat: The Dubai creek is only 8.9 Kilometers from the air station. The authentic Emirati boating experience is not to miss! At night it turns even more mesmerizing with the lights glittering in the skyline being reflected on the water.

These places will not take more than one day to enjoy and indulge in fun. 

Frequently asked queries

Question: Am I permitted to leave the air station while in transit?

Answer: Yes, one can leave the air station if he or she has a transit visa. It is ideal to get a copy of the e-visa, or e-visa application. 

Question: Which airlines are the best to get transit in the city?

Answer: Emirates airlines are the best as they are UAE-based and also give free rooms for commuters with a transit of eight or twenty-four hours. 

Question: Is the city safe for transit passengers like me?

Answer: Yes, the city is safe for transit commuters. The crime rate here is the least.

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