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dubai transit visa with etihad airlines

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Dubai Transit Visa is all you require to explore Dubai. Etihad airlines and its provisions have got never-ending goals to reach and continue overwhelming people with its extravagant facilities!

Being one of the most visited destinations, Dubai tops in tourism all over the continents in the entire existence! Every aspect of tourism as well as the cultural norms, heritage and customs etc. upheld by Dubai leave the travellers and the tourists completely dazzled and peachy.

Need to get away with some sandy and sunny warm vacations, get a Dubai visa and travel up to your heart's content.


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Etihad Airlines

Etihad Airlines, founded in July 2003, come right after the Emirates airlines serving thousands and crores of people all over the world. The facilities and luxuries provided are just defenceless and breathtakingly warm.

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What are the Etihad airways?

  • After the Emirates, it’s the proud Etihad Airways that rule the entire six continents. Being the second-largest airport hub, it has its head office in Khalifa, a city in Abu Dhabi, just near the Abu Dhabi's International Airport, UAE (United Arab Emirates).
  • It offers hospitality to over 120 passengers with more than 1000 flights each week. Its main base is Abu Dhabi International airport.
  • Etihad Airways have a loyalty program which introduces more than 1.25 million passengers. The members enjoy to their heart's content with the auspicious benefits of air travel given by the Etihad.
  • Etihad Airways are one of the most innovative ones, serving passengers to their best.

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Etihad Airways Awards and Recognition

  • Skytrax Awards
  • World Travel Awards Middle East
  • Airfinance Journal
  • World Travel Awards
  • TTG Travel Awards
  • Skytrax Awards
  • Pan Arab Web Awards
  • Global Traveler magazine
  • CAPA Annual Awards for Excellence
  • Mercury Awards
  • Skytrax Awards

Dubai Transit Visa with Etihad Airlines

A transit visa is an authentic document which enables you to enter the foreign premises in case of the connecting flights. Thus, Dubai Stopover Visa is a visa which allows you to explore Dubai, when you are supposed to reach some other country but are traversing via Dubai.

When we might have more time left for our next flight to the third country, boredom swallows us up like anything. Thus, it will be more fun to get transit and have some breezy refreshing time in Dubai. After all; entering Dubai international airport but not hitting Dubai's various shopping centres, malls and tourist places is mere stupidity. Don’t let the golden chance of getting a refreshing breath go! Get a Dubai Transit Visa and have some vacation!

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How to get a Dubai Transit Visa?

There are vast ways of applying for a Dubai Transit Visa. But very rare organizations are authentic and 100% efficient!

If you wish to Apply Dubai Transit Visa, visit the website Dubai Transit E Visa

Dubai transit e visa has helped numerous passengers and travellers with visas to different countries! Even, more than 200+ countries have used the services and enjoyed the further journey!

  • It needs least documentation,
  • Steps to apply are very simple,
  • Rates are almost affordable and cheap!
  • Least wastage of time, no delays.
  • 100% efficiency.
  • 9% success rate.

Steps to apply for Dubai Transit Visa are as follows:

  • Visit Dubai Transit E Visa
  • Enter the country you currently stay in, your citizenship as mentioned on your passport.
  • Accordingly, the rates will be displayed, if you agree, please proceed.
  • Fill in the application form, upload the required documents.
  • Make the payments either via credit/ debit card or via Paypal.
  • Get the confirmation mail and also Track Dubai Transit Visa Status will be notified to you from time to time.
  • As the process succeeds, you get your visa copy via your mail.
  • Get the printouts of the visa on A-4 sized papers and get ready to travel!

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Travel guide

Travel guide in Covid-19 situation.

In the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it's necessary to apply some conservative measures in order to ensure proper safety of the travellers. Playing with lives is not at all an option of consideration, thus strict rules and regulations have been enforced. This also considers the basic need to limit the spread of this dreadful disease.

Every other traveller will be given Global COVID-19 wellness cover with every ticket; this ensures and boosts the confidence of every other traveller.

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What are the documents/ medical certificates required while travelling?

You need to begin with the following steps:

  1. A PCR test is mandatory.
  2. Original copy of PCR test to be provided when asked before hoarding a flight, at transits or also before entering the second connecting flight.
  3. No other kind of tests approved. Also, no Pdf's/images/msword/scanned document/soft copy of any type is accessed or approved. Proper filled PCR test result's hardcopy is approved.
  4. The test must be taken before 96 hours of the provision or display to any official at any spot.
  5. Most importantly, the test should include "Covid-19 negative" result. Then and only then you will be allowed for the further journey.
  6. If the tests are "Covid-19 positive" you won't be allowed to travel further. But please note that you need not worry, the Etihad has the entire medical and quarantine facilities to ensure your safety until highest efficiency.
  7. The following category can go without a Covid-19 PCR testing: - children below 12 and people with severe and moderate disabilities. Although this keeps changing on the basis of your final destination and their enforced laws.
  8. You must also be following the social distancing norms, should always wear a mask and carry hand sanitizers. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching points efficiently.

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Covid-19 regulations

The national airline of UAE, the Etihad airways has introduced Covid-19 global wellness insurance cover to ensure a 100% worry-free journey!

It aims at providing all the necessary support in order to maintain a safe and secure journey throughout.

Sanitization of the touching points, cabins, airports, the lobbies etc are the main aims of the new health and hygiene program. The passengers even if tested positive on the way or any other person with medical emergencies need not worry about the medical expenses or the medical facilities, the Etihad airlines have made it all available and swift.

These programs also aim at building confidence in the traveller's mind. As the countries are easing down the lockdown and travel restriction, the Etihad airlines are making it smooth to provide journeys with the same safety as before.

Frequently asked questions

  • How safe are Etihad airways?

The Etihad airways have always succeeded in taking care of the privileges provided by them to the travellers. From comfort and facilities to all the emergency medical requirements and onboard treatments, the Etihad has always stepped forward and reduced almost all the mishaps to zero. The technicians, engineers, pilots and all the other staff are well equipped and experienced. Thus there's nothing to worry about your safety with the Etihad airways, it has in fact been one of the best airways ever and has also received numerous awards for the same.

  • How to contact Etihad airways?

The contact information of the Etihad airways is as follows:

  1. Contact No.: 1800 123 3901
  2. Website:
  • How to get Dubai transit visa?

You can get a Dubai transit visa by applying via Dubai Transit E Visa.

You just have to follow simple steps and make the most affordable payments; you will get the visa in hand with literally no hardships!

  • Who needs Dubai transit visa?

All the citizens belonging to the visa non-exempt countries as per mentioned by the Government of Dubai, UAE, need the visa for any reason respectively.

Almost the citizens of 54 countries can visit Dubai without a visa, but the rest do require a visa compulsorily.

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