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how long can i stay in the dubai with a transit visa

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The United Arab Emirates is a dream destination for many people, and the individuals at least wish to go there for transit or layover. It has some of the richest emirates in the country. Tourism in this country garners so much wealth!

It is one of the best countries to have very comfortable methods of having visas and one can attain a lot of information about their visas as there is a huge demand for those.

Who requires a Dubai transit visa?

Individuals having a connecting flight in the country require a Dubai Transit Visa. If the person has a passport of the countries that have a visa on arrival and the nations that are exempted to have no visa in the country, will not need a transit visa.

A few citizens are lucky that they do not need a transit visa for the country are:

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Oman

How to attain a transit visa for the country?

One needs to have a layover and a connecting flight in the country. If the individual chooses to book the air tickets of a Dubai- based aeroplane, it is easy to get the visa. A sponsor or a travel agency that one chooses.

The most perfect website to Apply Dubai Transit Visa to this country is Dubai Transit E Visa. It is the most effortless way one can apply for it. After one applies using this website, he or she can be certain that the visa will be confirmed without any trouble. It is completely genuine.

What are the prerequisites to get a transit visa of the country?

One needs a few documents to apply for this visa. They are:

  • A computerized photostat of the bio page of the passport.
  • The booking of hotel rooms
  • One also needs booking for flights for the next landing place.
  • The passport of the applicant should be valid for a minimum of six months.
  • A person should remember that the passport should have four empty pages.
  • The air tickets should be confirmed for the next destination for one to apply for a transit visa.

Types of a transit visa for the nation

Most of the people landing in the country, approximately seventy per cent of them, have connecting flights. To increase the inflow of money from these transit passengers, the government has started giving a free transit visa for forty-eight hours.

There are two Types of Dubai Transit visa. These are of single entries only. It means that people can use them only once. The cost and the visas are as follows:

  1. 48-hour Dubai Transit Visa which is for free
  2. 96-hour Dubai Transit Visa that is 116 USD, along with the processing fees of 26 USD and visa fees of 90 USD.

The time to process the visa is 5-7 or even as little as three days! One can go to the country for transit within fourteen days of attaining it. Hence, 14 days is the validity of these visas.

Recent regulations for transit in the country

A COVID-19 test (PCR test) is predominant to assert one’s health condition in this pandemic. A person should take tests four days or ninety-six hours prior to reaching here.

A printed certificate about the well-being and negative report of the Coronavirus test is useful and one should at the time of checking in or immigration. One cannot show the COVID-19 test report on a phone or electronic gadget.

How long can I stay in Dubai with a transit visa?

A person can stay with these visas only for the mentioned time. The government has declared that these are not prolonged. The validity of stay remains 48 or 96 hours only.

The extent and time of one’s stay are calculated from the time when the passport is stamped or when one enters the immigration of the country. Hence, an individual can only stay for two or four days in the country using these.

Now, many passengers can have an effortless transit with a free visa and enjoy the hospitality of this prodigious country, especially with the free two-day (forty-eight-hour) visa.

There are a few countries and the citizens of these countries do not have to take a visa and live in this marvellous country for 90 or 30 days depending on the country.

Frequently asked queries about the transit visa of the Dubai

Question: Can an individual exit the airport when in transit?

Answer: Yes, if one has a lot of time during the stopover or layover, he or she can exit the airport with the visa.

Question: If I stay in the country even after the visa stay validity is over, will the police arrest me?

Answer: Yes, it is a punishable offence and the police will arrest him or her.

Question: What are the Dubai- based airlines?

Answer: A few of these categories of airline companies are “Etihad Airways”, “Emirates”, “Flydubai”, and “Wizz Air Abu Dhabi”. If one books nonimmigrant visas by booking aeroplanes of these companies, they will sponsor the applicant easily.

Question: How many days are required to issue these non-immigrant visas?

Answer: If the applicant applies for the nonimmigrant visa to the country through Dubaietransitvisa, it will take only three days and a maximum of five days. It will be completely authentic.

As many companies provide fake visas, it is best to apply through this highly believed website to get a real one.

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