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how to get an abu dhabi transit visa

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Abu Dhabi is the wealthiest country in the world! It is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This oil-rich place also attracts many tourists and earns about twelve per cent of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) from it.

What are the experiences to indulge in the country while in Transit?

If one wants to enjoy during transit, do shopping in duty-free shops, eat the authentic cuisine of the Emirati tradition, have a relaxing massage, or sleep. There is free internet in the airport of Emirati. These are the activities that the non-immigrating passengers can do if they have fewer hours to board the next connecting flight.

An individual can exit the airport and satisfy the urge to explore the city if there are more than four hours to board a connecting flight. There are a few things that no one can miss in Abu Dhabi. They are:

  • Ferrari world: Any car lover will consider this as a heaven on Earth. It is the most thrilling theme park in this Emirates. One will need eight hours for this experience.
  • Yas Mall and beach: The mall has great shopping, dining, and entertaining experience. The beach is a tranquil getaway for an adventure through the mangroves to adrenaline rushing sports.
  • Warner Bros. World: It is a theme park with all the characters of Warner Bros and has rides, shows, and attractions for all.
  • Observation Deck 300 at Etihad Towers: It is the highest vantage point in the Emirate.
  • Ride in the yellow boats: It is the best way for nautical thrill-seekers looking for a high-speed experience. Enjoy the skyline vistas with the wind in your face.
  • Marina Eye: It is a Ferris wheel that dominates the skyline. One will get a panoramic view of the city’s famous landmarks.
  • Dates Market: It is an important and largest market in Abu Dhabi. One will get a feel of the traditional market while moving through a large variety of dates.
  • The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: It is a magnificent mosque and the richness of the city is reflected in its beautiful architecture with all-white paint that gives a calm feeling. Three hours of transit time will be sufficient for this.

Many more activities can be selected from navigating the website of the tourism of the city.

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Why should I choose this for a transit?

The airport is also called AUH aerodrome. Many people consider this as one of the most comfortable ones to have a connecting flight or layover. The staff here directs all the commuters.

Going from one terminal to the other is not hectic and requires only twenty-minutes, which is lesser than that of many other airports. There are signboards everywhere to tell where to go. This is a good layover option as it has all the amenities to empower the differently-abled people.

Two types of non-immigrating visas are:

  1. Two days visa or a forty-eight-hour visa: It is free of charge. One will have to apply for it before arriving at the airport.
  2. Four days or ninety-six-hour transit visa: The cost of this type of visa is 96 USD. A person also applies to this before reaching the airport.

A commuter having a layover can use this for fourteen days (2 weeks) and only for a single time (as they are of single entry). To make sure you attain the visas it generally takes a minimum of three days to seven days.

How to get an Abu Dhabi transit visa?

The best way to apply for an authentic trustable visa is to navigate to Dubai Transit E Visa. It is tireless and just requires one to apply by filling out the information as asked. It is easily understood and will confirm a visa.

There is a next-level comfort while using the website to apply for the transit visa as all the information, pre-requisites, and details for filling are all mentioned in this awesome website providing services tailored for UAE.

To get a two-day (48 hours) transit visa, one just has to apply from an admirable website and attain it. The four-day (96 hours) non-immigrating visa is given at the airport in half-an-hour also.

Recent developments in Abu Dhabi transit

In September 2020, the city has launched novel fast track plane connections for the transit commuters. The movement of passengers and the luggage will be swift. The Aviation authority will bring out new cargo transfers and points for this purpose. This will make it more efficient and uncomplicated.

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Frequently asked questions about transit in Abu Dhabi

Question: What is it that I need to make a transit in the capital of the UAE?

Answer: The qualifications are similar to those of all the requirements for obtaining a visa. A passport with more than 182 days of validity with four blank papers in it is ideal. Having an air ticket that is confirmed for the next stop is checked.

Question: Can I go to the lounges of other terminals if I want to?

Answer: Yes, one can go to lounges at different terminals even if the person is in transit in another terminal. The AUH aerodrome gives priority to the comfort of passengers.

Question: What is the rule of transit for an Indian passport holder?

Answer: People having an Indian passport does not have to get a transit visa to transit in this airport! This condition applies if the layover is just for eight hours.

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