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Living in Dubai can be summarized as enjoying a stream of business avenues, a lavish lifestyle, spectacular infrastructure, and above all, the elite, Arabian vibes. If you’re considering making Dubai your new home and planning for a long-term residency in the country, you’ve landed at the right spot as this article is a guide to Dubai residence visa that will help you apply for a residence visa for Dubai through a set of simple steps and suggest you the best way to get a Dubai residence visa in 2022.


Benefits of a Dubai Residence Visa

A residence visa holder enjoys a dramatic number of benefits in Dubai and surely, all these perks will force you to crave making UAE your new home. Here is the list of benefits that you’ll enjoy on a Dubai residence visa.

  • A residence visa holder can open a bank account in UAE
  • You can apply for a loan in any UAE bank i.e. car loan, personal loan, etc.
  • A residence visa holder enjoys visa-free access to several countries
  • You can send your children to any private or public school in UAE
  • You’re eligible to apply for a driving license in UAE
  • You get government health services and buy health insurance in UAE

Clearly, a Dubai residence visa is absolutely worth-it and thus, Dubai is an incredible place to start a new life in.

Dubai Residence Visa Eligibility Criteria

We know Dubai is tempting, but not everyone can get a residence visa to secure these benefits. In other words, you need to meet the eligibility criteria to apply for a residence visa in Dubai.

Given below are the Dubai residence visa eligibility criteria.

  • You must be employed in UAE either under any public or private company or in the government office
  • You’re studying in a recognized educational institute in the UAE
  • You are dependent on a UAE citizen, which includes a parent, wife, maid, close relative, etc.
  • You have invested in the UAE in any form
  • You own a property in the UAE
  • You have plans for retiring any of the 7 emirates that form the UAE


Different Types of Residence Visas in the UAE

UAE issues multiple types of residence visas to foreign citizens. This classification is made on the basis of the applicant’s purpose of obtaining a residence visa in Dubai. Given below is the list of different types of residence visas that you can opt for in Dubai.

1. Dubai Work Visa

A work visa is issued to those foreign travelers who have secured a job in Dubai and are looking forward to getting a Dubai work permit.

2. Dubai Student Visa

A student visa is granted to an international student who has made it to a recognized education institute or university in Dubai.

3. Family Visa

A family visa allows the applicant to stay with his family or a close relative staying in Dubai.

4. Investment Visa

An investment visa is a special type of residence visa which is issued to a foreign individual who has made or is planning to make a substantial investment in Dubai. It is the longest residence visa that you can get in Dubai and is generally issued for 10 years.

5. Retirement visa

A retirement visa allows a foreign national to retire in Dubai, provided that he is financially capable to sustain himself in the country.

Dubai Residence Visa Sponsorship

In order to get a residence visa in Dubai, it is mandatory to be sponsored by a sponsor. Here are some cases regarding sponsorship based on the type of residence visa you are planning to apply for.

  • If you’ve applied for a work visa, your employer can sponsor your visa
  • For a student visa, the applicant can ask the university or school to sponsor his/her visa
  • Your family member can be your sponsor in case of a family visa
  • Your company can be your sponsor for an investment visa

You can contact Dubai Transit E-Visa for getting your Dubai residence visa sponsored. The company works with enthusiasm to extend quality visa services to its clients and provide approval within 48-72 hours of application. We hold an average of 0% rejection rate and visa approval in less than 72 hours. We’ve served over 500k clients and are looking for a chance to help you with your Dubai residence visa.

How to Apply for a Residence Visa in Dubai

You can apply for a residence visa using multiple platforms, a list of which is given below.

  • ICA’s visa application portal or mobile app (android or iOS)
  • GDRFA (either online or in-person)
  • Contacting us through mail or chat


The Final Verdict

Making Dubai your new home can serve you a whole lot of benefits. Start your application process today and enjoy the perks of staying in an Arabian country like Dubai.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For a 1-year residence visa in the UAE, you need to pay USD 100 as a visa fee. In addition to this, a processing fee of AED40 will be charged if you’re applying for a visa online and AED70 if you’re applying in person.

A residence visa may be issued for 1,2, or 3 years depending on the type of visa you have applied for. On the other hand, if you’ve applied for an investment or retirement visa, the validity will range from 5 to 10 years.

You can contact our team to start with your residence visa process and get your residence visa in the shortest possible time.

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