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Dubai Transit Visa for Pakistani

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It is a common misconception that getting a visa is a very complicated and hard job. It is not true and if you are planning to visit Dubai you can always get yourself a Dubai transit visa. The visas are provided at an affordable cost and you can get all the information that you need to get a visa. The best spot with all the information and visa fees, document requirements, along processing time is present on the official website and you can check these for your convenience. There is a lot of Pakistani agency is that contact us when they want to get a visa for their clients.

According to a survey report, 25,3000 Pakistani tourists visited Dubai last year. To get a Dubai transit visa for Pakistan you will need to provide some documents that include –

  • CNIC scan copy,
  • Passport scan copy, and
  • Passport size photos scan copy. Applicant’s

It is necessary to mention here that the passport of the applicant must be valid for at least six months and the visa provided will be non-extendable. The validity of a tourist visa is 60 days and travellers are allowed to stay in Dubai for a maximum of 30 days.

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Dubai Visa Terms & Conditions

  • In case the visa of the applicant is rejected by authorities of the United Arab Emirates then she will not be refunded or compensated for the visa fees already deposited by the applicant.
  • Every visitor needs to have a valid return ticket and a valid passport with a minimum of 6 months validity.
  • The visa regulations and costs are subject to changes and it is important to confirm the price and the fact that you understand all the regulations with your agent before deciding on the trip.
  • The Agencies will not be responsible in case the visa is rejected and the visa fee is not refundable at all.
  • You should also not exceed your residence limit as it can cause detentions and fines.
  • As per the recommendations of the embassy of UAE all the applicants ought to be obeying all the rules and instructions strictly to avoid any delay in the visa processing.
  • A Visa policy is created keeping in mind the instruction of you thought it does any kind of rules and instructions can we change without prior notice.

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Dubai Transit Visa Requirement

You will need the following documents for your Dubai visit visa application,

  • Scan Copy of CNIC
  • Passport Scan Copy
  • Passport Size Photos Scan Copy

Individuals with official passports will need to fulfil the following requirements,

  • The visa application for diplomatic passports is processed by the UAE Embassy along with a note verbal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Pakistan.
  • Note verbal should be as recent as possible.
  • It is necessary to mention the purpose of the visit on Note verbal. Incomplete visa applications are not processed.
  • Visitors will need to show no verbal from the respective office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are visiting Dubai or translating through Dubai then you will need to apply for a visa. This visa service is entirely online and you will need not submit your passport for Stamping. Also, you can book this visa after you have booked your flight. Processing fees are the same in both ways.

If you are planning to visit UAE then you will be required to apply for a visa even if you are transmitting through Abu Dhabi. With the help of a visa, you can explore the country for 96 hours with a 96 our UAE Transit Visa. You can also stay up to 90 days with a UAE tourist visa.

The Transit Visa for 96 hours is provided to the individuals with a fee of 50 AED. You will need to apply for the visa in advance with UAE-based Airlines. This visa is not extendable and non-renewable visa.

Yes, you can leave Dubai Airport during transit. This is also applicable if you have a 48 Hour Transit Visa. In case you do not have a visa then there will be consequences of your action and you might get deported as well.

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