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Needing a Dubai Transit Visa? Enjoy your time in Dubai whilst waiting for a connecting flight. But you need a Transit to take a tour in Dubai in the remaining time, or naturally, boredom will engulf you like anything! You can't afford to miss the visit just because of the lack of the Visa!


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Emirates Airlines

The plans and the tours to the world-famous places are almost perfect-but-not if you miss out the services of Emirates Airlines!

What is Emirates Airlines?

  • Emirates Airlines, located in Garhoud, Dubai, UAE, is one of the largest Airlines of the United Arab Emirates, UAE. It is officially a subsidiary of "THE EMIRATES GROUP". It is owned and looked after by the Government of Dubai's "Investment Corporation of Dubai". Also being the largest airlines in the Middle East, it successfully operates 3600 flights every week from its hub of the Dubai International Airport. It traverses over to more than 150 cities, 80 countries overseas!
  • Emirates Airlines also facilitates and provides you with the flight tickets and other all necessary accessories (booking of tickets, planning the journey etc.) required while/before flying. With a fantabulous infrastructure and the prevailing luxury, it leaves every other person dizzy! Yes, it’s a real pearl in terms of management and the provided services, the travellers end up contented even after long journeys with the Emirates Airlines.
  • Post COVID-19 lockdown, The Emirates Airlines has again resumed its lavish and soothing journeys to and fro the Dubai international airport; trying to meet the never-ending travel demand at its pace!
  • Proper Covid-19 preventive measures along with medical assistance provided time and again are assured at the airport

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Dubai Transit Visa with Emirates Airlines

Dubai Transit Visa is an official document which gives you the authorization to enter the Dubai premises during the in-between time of your connecting flights and be under the influence of their rules and regulations. But without the same, you would be denied to enter the territory.

Also, similar to the Transit visa, there are different types of visas varying according to the reason for your visit.

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How to apply for Dubai Transit Visa?

If you are looking forward to applying for the visa online, you cannot miss the Dubai Transit E Visa website.

  • They have provided visas and collaborated with more than 200 country citizens,
  • Thus they have a great experience and fluency;
  • They also serve with 100% efficiency and
  • 9% of success rates are noted to date!
  • The rate of a visa varies from country to country but is almost affordable and cheap.
  • You can check out the rates and other necessities at Dubai Transit E Visa.

Steps to apply via Dubai Transit Visa website are as follows:

  1. Visit Dubai Transit E Visa
  2. Enter the current country you are staying in and also the country citizenship as mentioned on the passport.
  3. Once selected, you will get the display of rates and details according to your (country & citizenship) status.
  4. If you agree, proceed.
  5. Fill in the application form, without errors!
  6. Make the payment (ensured & secure payment lines)
  7. Get the confirmation mail on the registered email Id.
  8. Track Dubai Transit Visa Status
  9. Once succeeded with the process, you will be notified and the visa will be sent to you on your mail itself.
  10. Get the prints on the A-4 sized papers and get ready to fly!

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Documents required for Dubai Transit Visa

For the visa process, keep the following documents ready:

  1. Passport size coloured photograph of the candidate. Expressions should be formal and neutral.
  2. Copy of Passport, as well as the passport, should be valid for at least three months from the day on arrival.
  3. Copy of the Tickets booked. (if applying for transit, give the details of the confirm second flight ticket as well)
  4. Filled application form (online) without errors. It will be difficult to recheck and redo the errors if once done, be cautious.

On the Dubai Airport, you will need the following documents:

  1. Passport should be valid for at least the next three months.
  2. Dubai Visa that too the type should match to the purpose of your visit. (Tourist visa/transit visa/etc.) if you belong to one of the visa-exempt countries, you will not need a visa.
  3. Photographs of yours with formal expressions.
  4. Other identity documents if specified.
  5. Covid-19 PCR tests are mandatory. You will be strictly denied the entry if you don’t have the same, that too only original copies accepted. Pdf/smart-phone/screenshots/images/soft copy/etc. not at all accepted!
  6. Every other traveller, also the ones transiting via Dubai (but are about to enter Dubai for tourism or another purpose) need to fill the "Health Declaration Form" and submit it to the staff present at the check-in.
  7. You would have to fill the "Quarantine Undertaking Form" which is provided onboard if your final destination is Dubai. Submit the same to the Dubai health authority staff after you arrive on board.

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Covid-19 travel guidance

In this critical situation where almost the entire world is astonished and succumbed to, it's necessary to ensure our safety first.

  1. UAE/Dubai airport staff and also the flight staff, norms, regulations, laws regarding documents and medical health etc. have been strictly revised and executed.
  2. Thus you need to keep the required medical reports ready as well before hoarding the flight.
  3. Every now and then, you will have to be a little cautious while travelling and make sure that you too follow the social distancing norms.
  4. Your medical tests should obviously include "COVID-19-negative" results. The other authorities as well will check your temperature and other symptoms time and again whilst the journey.
  5. If the tests/anything medically declares you to be "COVID-19-positive", you will be strictly quarantined by the officials and you will be given the necessary treatment.
  6. Keep the sanitizers, masks, etc. with you. Keep the maintained distance. Stay safe, stay healthy, travel happily but with care!

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Why emirates airlines?

  • They have an epitome of facilities and the comfort provided is just indescribable in words.
  • If you visit the website:-, read the blogs etc, you will get the exact image of their working out in these days.
  • When it comes to safety especially in these situations, they have perfectly set an example of growth with resistance toward the disease!
  • They have enhanced every aspect of safety you might ever observe.
  • They sterilize and sanitize every to-be-touched objects as well as the sitting arrangements, cabinets etc.
  • The flight staff will ensure all the social distancing norms into proper execution.
  • Advanced HEPA filters at the emirates services remove 99.97% of germs, viruses and allergens.
  • Travellers transiting through Dubai go through other sanitization processes like thermal screening etc.
  • The staff is complete in their specialized uniform, "personal protective equipment"(PPE) thus providing additional safety to both the parties.
  • The travellers will be provided with a kit of masks, gloves, and sanitizers etc. to ensure your hygiene.
  • Last but not least, they are authentic, enjoyable and also, worth experiencing.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Who owns emirates airlines?

Emirates airlines are owned by the Government of Dubai's "Investment Corporation of Dubai".

  • Are emirates a good airline?

Of course; it’s a very heavenly feel if you ever get to enjoy the services provided by Emirates Airlines. It is an entire lottery of luxury and comfort rounded up with the travelling opportunity one might explore. Thus, it's an irrelevant question when it comes to the services of Emirates Airlines, it ranks all over the world!

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